Stroke Heroes Act FAST - Learn the Signs of Stroke Kit (Portuguese) - APPROVAL NEEDED


Item Number: HD2137

Available In: Portuguese

Format: Kit

Audience: Health educators

Limit: 20 per order
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Stroke Heroes Act FAST - Learn the Signs of Stroke Kit (Portuguese) - APPROVAL NEEDED


Item Number: HD2137

This Portuguese kit includes colorful outreach materials presenting the Stroke Heroes Act FAST (Face Arm Speech Time) model for recognizing and responding quickly to the signs of stroke. The brochure includes facts about stroke risk factors and symptoms of stroke with an inside panel that can be used as a poster. The wallet card includes space to add emergency contact information. The poster includes space to write date time location and contact information for a stroke educational presentation or training. The animation highlights three people with signs of stroke and how their loved ones recognized symptoms and responded quickly.

All orders for this kit must be approved by the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control Program staff - please place your order and allow an additional 2-4 business days for processing so that your order can be approved. If your order is not approved we will let you know.

Also available in English and Spanish.


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