A Circle Tied to Mother Earth


Item Number: SA3578link

Available In: English

Format: Booklet

Audience: LifeSkills Training certified teachers/administrators, especially those involved with youth in middle school

Size: 8.5” x 11” / 44 pages


A Circle Tied to Mother Earth


Item Number:SA3578

To inspire their youth, the Native American Team of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Addiction Services gathered stories and poems that highlight their culture. Images from Native American communities are interwoven with the LifeSkills Training© (LST) concepts that can help prevent youth drinking and other drug use. While this book resonates with Native American youth, every student can benefit from the teachings that have existed for thousands of years. It includes tips for teachers to use to guide positive discussions, as well as referral resources.

Note: A free one-day LifeSkills Training session is required to order and use this free resource. A Circle Tied to Mother Earth is a supplement to the LifeSkills Training and will not replace any of the other LifeSkills materials.

Those who have taken the LifeSkills Training© Program, and would like to download or request a copy of this illustrated Native American Supplement can order it by visiting mass.gov/dph/LifeSkillsMaterials.

For information on free LifeSkills trainings and the registration, go to www.cvent.com/d/74q78p/6T where the Elementary and Middle School Trainings are posted 4 times a year across Massachusetts.

At the training you will receive information on how to order this and other free LifeSkills Training materials. Contact Kathleen.Herr-Zaya@state.ma.us for more information on the training.

You also may be interested in ordering the similar book Stories and Poems for Northeastern Native Tribal Families. Bulk distribution is limited to Massachusetts residents.

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